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Raw Milk

Many people that call or visit our farm are very persistent in saying that raw milk is much healthier than pasteurized milk, and they MUST have raw milk for their health needs. For this reason we have decided to sell state inspected Grade A raw milk to those individuals but they must read a raw milk education hand out (available at farm) and sign a liability waiver. The waiver is available at the dairy farm in Ogden only. State law states raw milk cannot be sold where pasteurized milk is sold.

Questions about raw milk? 

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Not Treated with rBST Hormones

Since we bottle our own milk, we can totally guarantee our customers there is no synthetic growth hormones in our milk. Johnny?s milk is one of the few that can make this guarantee.

The FDA has tested rBST for many years on cows. They say it's safe and there is no difference in the milk. We are not saying they are right or wrong. We have had some food scientists express concern about using rBST. We feel the consumer should be able to make a choice. Johnny's Dairy absolutely does not add rBST hormones to our milk! This means you and your children will be able to have pure, wholesome milk. Receiving all the nutrition your kids need without the worry of the effects of rBST. With Johnny's milk you have a choice.

Customer Comments

I was visiting my sister and had brought some raw milk with me, but due to some mechanical issues with my car, ended up staying much longer than I had anticipated. Needless to say, drinking what I had left, I ran out. I immediately started searching for any place that could possibly sell milk, praying that Utah allows raw milk to be sold. You cannot imagine how overjoyed I was to discover your dairy and how close it was. I initially bought 4 gallons, and after going through 1 gallon, came back and bought six more! I froze the milk, loaded up some ice coolers and took everything back to California. I am happily drinking your milk and feel great. Thank you so much for choosing to sell raw milk. My car gets 45 mph, so when I run out, I will be back. It's worth the drive for me. Please feel free to post my comment to your site.
~ Karen Marchand ~

“While visiting my daughter that recently relocated to Utah, I was looking for a source for raw milk and happily found your business. We ate at your deli, then went to the farm to purchase milk... I would love to leave some positive comments to your site.”
~ Loretta Kolodzieski ~

"Thanks! Love Love Love your milk!"
~ Steph Sager ~

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Raw Milk is available at the farm location only.

Review our Raw Milk Education Handout

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